Frequently Asked Questions

Mattress choosing, care and maintenance

What is an Orthopedic mattress?

Orthopedic, known also to past generations, this mattress which consists of connected bonnel springs. According to the various material compositions added with the springs it varies in hardened levels.

The fundamental quality of an orthopedic mattress is that the proper orthopedic support of the spine is ensured.

What is an Anatomic mattress?

Anatomic is the mattress which consists of pocket springs working independently. This mattress has the ability to trace the spine curvature, hugging the body and ensuring comfort.

Choose right..

In the mattress choosing process there is no room for clichés and illusions, like the illusion for a hard mattress.

A good mattress must offer great support, anatomic values and absolute comfort.

What this means?

The mattress we choose must properly support the spine whilst the hardness level depends on our needs, as long as we feel comfortable.

The mattress choice is decisive so that you can enjoy a calm and refreshing sleep.

Therefore, we suggest to always try the mattress you like, in your sleeping positions before you proceed to a purchase.

As a result, you will be ensured that it meets all of your criteria and fully satisfies your needs.


We can assure you, a Neostrom mattress is the most excellent choice.

Care and Maintenance

  1. For better support place your mattress in an anatomical frame or bed slats with the distance between them to 2-3 cm.
  2. Never fold your mattress
  3. Turn your mattress upside/down every two months.
  4. Protect your mattress from any kind of liquids. Place a mattress protector sheet, keeping hygiene in the maximum level.
  5. Never use an iron or steamy appliances on your mattress, protecting the fabric and the rest of the materials.
  6. Use the side handles only for the right placing in the bed frame, not for transferring.

For any other enquiries or any specific questions for your mattress, do not hesitate asking at [email protected]